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Status at the End of the Universe

Life has been moving on its merry way.

The Solstice brought about a lot of changes for me in some ways, and not so many in others.

My poor baby, Bartleby, had all but 4 teeth removed and is on a series of antibiotics to finally kill off the last of the infections he's been dealing with. This will be the last bit of work he needs done for quite some time, I hope. He has congestive heart failure, and I have been warned that he has a serious murmur because of it. He's been much more alive and perky since his surgery, though; and, I hope to keep him as comfortable and happy as possible. Poor thing deserves that.

Work is rolling along. Never know from one day to the next exactly how stable the position is, but I enjoy my job and the people I work with...and I'll ride it out for as long as it lasts.

Knitting is actually moving along at a very slow pace, though my insane size 2 needle log cabin blanket is actually moving along nicely. I have decided to start on a smoke grey mohair Flower Basket shawl. Which actually looks a lot like this one, at this point in time. Im hoping it turns out as nice as I envision it. Once I complete it, I think I will make another Kiri shawl. I really enjoyed making the last one and it turned out so nice with the fringe and all, I can't see not making another. Maybe in a nice, green colour.

I managed to snag a closed beta key for Warhammer Online and am just waiting for the email to kick it into activation so I can try out the new MMO. I'm not sure it will be all that...but I'm cautiously optimistic. We'll see.

I've been making myself cut back on in game time to spend more time with my dogs and my yard and real life in general. It's easy, when real life weighs you down, to disappear into the digital world. While you can successfully ignore life's catastrophes that way...it's also a good way of throwing away your life, if you aren't careful. So I'm trying to make sure that I get time away from the machines for a bit.

Part of that is actually showing itself in the fact that I am going to a party - yeah, yeah, don't fall over in shock - this Saturday, if all the stars and planets align. I will know exactly 3 people there. I will feel completely and totally out of place and I doubt I will stay long...but I'm making the effort to leave my house. It's a huge effort for me. I've gotten to where the only place I want to go if I'm not in my house is somewhere isolated (on my bike or the caverns or whatever). I've found myself more and more avoiding people...and that's just not a good thing...so, I'm making an effort. We'll see how it goes. *grimace*